Why do dogs put their paw on you

One possible reason that a dog may put their paw on you is to show their affection and loyalty towards you. This can be seen as a sign of ownership, as the dog desires your attention and wants to make sure that it is giving you its undivided love and devotion. For many dogs, placing their paw on you can also give them a sense of security and comfort, especially if they possess an anxious or shy personality type. Additionally, when being touched by the paw of your pup, a chemical called oxytocin may be released in the body, causing feelings of bonding and care toward each other.

Another reason why dogs might touch or place their paw on us could be simply to get our attention. Your dog may want something from you – whether it’s time for lunch or to go outside – and so will use its paws to gain your focused attention while expressing its desire. Some dogs also learn to lightly tap or claw at things they want with their paws (e.g., tugging gently on clothing) which can develop into touching humans as well.

Finally, some pups utilize this behaviour to ‘claim’ people as part of their pack; similar to marking territory with urine! By putting their paw on your lap or hand in specific circumstances (e.g., near strange people/animals), your pup may be claiming the person/situation as his own in an act of territoriality and protection.


Have you ever been sitting on your couch and had a pet dog come up to you with their paw gently placed on your leg? If so, then you may have wondered why dogs do this. Dogs put their paw on us for a variety of reasons, seresto collar cat side effects including seeking attention or comfort, claiming territory, leaning into affection, or simply trying to communicate something with us. All of these activities are natural behaviors of domesticated canines—but understanding why and when they occur is essential for good communication between humans and our beloved four-legged pets. To help explain the mysteries behind this behavior, let’s take a closer look at why dogs put their paw on us.

Territorial Posture

Dogs are predators, and like other predators, they feel the need to mark their territory. They show this by placing their paw on you, which sends out a clear message that the dog is claiming ownership over you. This behavior is commonly seen during petting and hugging time; the dog may place its paw on you so as to show its dominance over the situation.

Apart from showing territorial dominance, dogs may also put their paw on you in an attempt to communicate with you – they often want something! Maybe they’re asking for food or attention or just want a good petting session! In any case, it could be pretty useful if you learn to distinguish between these two meanings – territorial posture versus friendly communication. Then you can use body language to let your doggo know how welcome those pawing hands really are!

Affectionate Sign Language

Dogs use “sign language” to communicate with their humans. They are able to send out subtle cues that humans may not even be aware of, but their owners can interpret them as if their dogs were talking! One such sign they use is putting a paw on you. It’s a way of them saying, “I need your attention please – I’m here and I love you!”

Not all dogs will use the same sign of affection. Some may make eye contact, while others might nudge your hand or put their head in your lap. But when a dog does put his paw on you, it likely means he’s asking for some loving and affection.

It’s not just an act of affection either; it’s also a sign of trust from the dogs too. By taking away part of its independence and entrusting us with its needs, they show us how much they love us and how devotedly loyal they are to us in return!

Seeking Attentions/Comfort

Dogs may put their paw on you in order to seek attention and affection from you. This can be a sign of affection, as dogs often feel that being close to us makes them feel loved and secure. Although this behavior usually depends on the individual pup, if your dog puts its paw on you, it is likely because your pup wants to show love and receive comfort from you.

This behavior can also be a sign that your pup is seeking your attention or trying to tell you something. They may be trying to get up on a couch or bed with you, or they may just want some petting and cuddles! If they are feeling sad or scared, they may also put their paw out in an attempt to be consoled.

Overall, when a dog puts its paw on you it is typically a sign of love, warmth and companionship. Our furry friends look at us as their source of safety and fulfillment so when they reach out with a sweet gesture like this it’s important to respond with patience and gentleness.

Showing Dominance

One reason why dogs may put their paw on you is to show dominance. Dogs are pack animals and when they feel that they need to assert themselves, they may attempt to do it by putting their paw on top of yours. It’s an instinctual behavior that some dogs have and it can be quite disconcerting for the dog owner.

Dogs who display this kind of behavior are usually trying to demonstrate that they are in charge or higher up in the hierarchy of the family. They might be asserting themselves as the “Alpha Dog.” This behavior usually happens when the dog feels insecure about its place in the household or if there is a conflict between two humans or between pets.

It’s important that dog owners remain firm but gentle when these situations arise, using positive reinforcement techniques and sending unconditional love to their pup. Dogs should never be disciplined with physical force when they are showing dominant behavior as this will only reinforce negative behaviors and throw off their sense of security.

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